New Wigs Are In Fashion

Many celebrities wear hair additions. Indeed, new wigs are trendy, according to a Dallas wig and hair replacement specialist. Some stars love wigs because they can quickly change their hairstyle. Popularity cause is the fact that there is no waiting for their natural hair to grow longer. Other use hair additions as a quick fix for hairstyling.

The popularity of wigs is with many rich and famous who use wigs because they are dealing with hair loss. It seems like Angelina Jolie wore a wig on the red carpet so that her hair appeared full and luxurious.

Similarly, Beyonce Knowles is known for wearing various lace front wigs when she is out in public. Sia takes off the hair additions and reveals her face at Elton John’s Oscars party. Singer Sia attended Elton John’s Oscars party without the signature wig she usually wears for public events. Most noteworthy, the Grammy nominee posed for a photo not wearing her famous wig. The singer was donning her signature blond hair extensions for her recent Grammy Awards and “Saturday Night Live.”

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Reallusions® Hair New Wigs

New wigs shop new hairstyles and colors. Nu Hair of TX offers Reallusions® hair wigs in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. Our new Reallusions® wig is a natural human hair wig that stands apart. Its design is the culmination of an idea developed over many years. The base works with women’s scalp, giving a feminine silhouette with full hair. Utterly unique, it’s entirely handmade, accentuating its finesse quality. We design for women with hair loss with the most popular hairstyles.

Innovative New Wig Technology in Dallas, TX

Our wig design is for women with hair loss due to pattern baldness or medical problem hair loss. Shop in the Dallas, Texas area for the best-engineered wigs for your hair loss needs. 

Our top-of-the-line wigs have superb hair quality with shine, vibrancy, and manageability. The hair is smooth, soft, and supple. Furthermore, the base is weightless and outperforms competitive wig manufacturers. Finally, it delivers lasting color vibrancy and a healthy natural hair look. Due to a cuticle sealing technology, which reduces pigment loss. And easy hairstyling.

Our wig expert will help with the latest wigs in the newest hair colors, cuts, and styles if you are new to wigs.

*If you’re shopping for a wig for medical reasons, check with your insurance company. First, see what their coverage will be. Secondly, ask your insurance company if your policy covers “cranial prosthesis. Subsequently, “Upon full payment, Nu Hair of TX issues a receipt, which you can submit to your insurance company for your medical problem. We offer medical wigs for patients with all types of alopecia hair loss conditions.